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We're an unconventional multifaceted storyteller who lives and breathes disruptive ideas that are not boring for brands. We take risks and create radically compelling experiences through disruptive ideas and innovative concepts over two decades.

We're not a traditional content marketeer, we come up with brave ideas and strive to do something completely new for every brand that we manage — whether it’s a bespoke event or video production for a corporate, non-profit organization, luxury or lifestyle client. That's been the secret to our clients' unprecedented success. 

We've the privilege of steering business and marketing strategies, media relations and creative talents in Singapore, Malaysia and China. This has armed us with a strong network of brands and developed strong abilities in goal driven partnerships.

We're a creative collaborator who strongly believes in taking pride and ownership of each project that comes our way.

Quite simply, we're confident that our proven track record of excellent work ethic and high-performing creative and strategic planning capabilities will make us an asset with our clients and industry partners.



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